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Looking for a career in Robotics or Automation? Do you want to earn an average of $32.52/hr while working on the latest and greatest high-tech manufacturing engineering technology?

You will receive industry recognized certifications while going to college that will put you ahead in your career.


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Classes are scheduled for the SPRING 2015 semester! Open (Public) course registration starts December 2, 2014 for all of our Spring classes!


Check on all classes offered for Fall 2014 (AMST - First & third term) here: http://programs.madisoncollege.edu/programs/automated-manufacturing-systems-technology/


Find all the course registration dates for the Spring 2015 semester here: http://madisoncollege.edu/registration-calendar  

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AMST Program


In the AMST program, you will spend four semesters in an educational setting learning electronics, computers, control systems, programming, robots, fluid power, sensors, PLC's, and vision systems, and demonstrate the ability to integrate these devices together. In addition, you will learn to control these systems through hardware and software, and track vital daily information.


AMST Madison College is an institution of higher learning located in Madison, WI. Our faculty is dedicated to guiding our students as they grow and develop, putting them on a successful path for life. We adapt our curriculum to meet the needs of our diverse student body, taking into account the many ways in which students learn.